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Martin Camilleri

Interior Designer and Director

Functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing concepts are the fundamental elements of the design and co-ordination work completed by MC Design & Build Ltd. This, combined with the respect for deadlines and cost effectiveness has been the essence of this design firm success run by Martin Camilleri.


A hands-on knowledge of architecture and related services, together with proficiency in materials and a large database of contractors, make it easier to carry out turnkey projects after the completion of the design phase.

Great attention to detail is given to projects that vary from small office environments to large commercial premises like restaurants and hotels and other luxurious structures.

Our clients, some of whom have been using MC Design & Build Ltd  uninterruptedly for the last twenty four years are the best proof of the way we deliver.


"The Bortex Group has worked with Martin Camilleri at MC design for the last fifteen years both on projects related to our manufacturing division as well as those related to our retail operations, in Malta as well as overseas. Because we are so busy focusing on our core competences we have always looked for contractors who can provide us with a design input which we can work on fine tuning together and once that design brief has been agreed is able to take over the implementation of the project completely and deliver a quality finished product and within agreed timelines. With Martin we have successfully perfected this modus operandi and he has consistently performed to high standards on numerous projects. We look forward to working with him on further projects in the future and would not hesitate in recommending his services to any organization who is after reliability and a  personalized service."
Peter Borg
Managing Director
Bortex Group

"Our relationship with Martin of MC design began more than 25 years ago. Over this period we have worked closely together on numerous large and small projects. Unlike other designers, Martin will not just produce the design but goes into each and every aspect of the finished product. His drawings are a pleasure to work on. Quite recently we have finished 2 projects overseas where Martin was truly in his element; superb design and top notch finishing."


Mark Grima

Managing Director

Grima Furniture (1960) Ltd

"Over the years I have known Martin Camilleri, both professionally and as a friend, he has always earned my respect, admiration and, on a personal level, gratitude. Martin, a top designer, is inspirational in his work. He comes up with much more than is required and then goes on to excel in executing the agreed plans. As a friend he is always there to help,unstintingly, without as much as expecting a thanks for it.  I count him as one of the preferred few people of my acquaintance."
Lino Spiteri

"I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Martin on a few projects and have been more than impressed with the attention to detail, quality and timeliness of the finish. Look forward to working on further projects going forward."

Sam Borg

"Martin has been an acquaintance for some time now and over this period I have come to believe that he is a dedicated professional with an acute attention to detail. His experience in various fields has contributed to develop a number of skills which Martin applies in their entirety when entrusted with a project. Client satisfaction is primary on Martin’s agenda and his portfolio is definitely evidence of this.”


Dr Reuben B. Farrugia

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